Brexit Briefing 78: Charting a new path?

For the last two years, this was due to be the week when the UK left the European Union. As such, the fact that the British Parliament was still voting to indicate what that departure should look like was extraordinary in its own right.

Brexit Briefing 77: Getting over the finish line?


It was another momentous week in the Brexit negotiations, when ancient parliamentary precedents were invoked and there was final confirmation of what has been clear for months, that March 29th 2019 would not be Brexit day after all. 

Brexit Briefing No.75 - Still Caught in the Backstop?

It was another challenging week for the ongoing Brexit talks as Attorney General Geoffrey Cox and Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay shuttled between London and Brussels in an attempt to seek fresh concessions on the backstop, while Chief Europe Adviser to the PM Olly Robbins was also spotted in th

Brexit Briefing 74: A month to go

This week, the Prime Minister travelled to the Egyptian seaside resort of Sharm El Sheikh in the hope that she could seal the concessions necessary to get the withdrawal agreement through the House of Commons.

Brexit Briefing No.72: What's the alternative?

There was frantic diplomatic activity this week as UK and EU negotiators met in Brussels. Stephen Barclay, the Brexit Secretary, was there to sound out Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, on possible ways out of the current impasse.