Delivering for the West Midlands

Whilst I fully believe in respecting the 2016 referendum result and delivering an orderly Brexit, I also firmly believe it is my duty to continue to deliver for the West Midlands whilst we are still a member of the EU.

Brexit Briefing No.81: An Easter Pax Before The Tempest

After a whirlwind few months, the Brexit waters were becalmed this week. The House of Commons broke up for recess while MEPs across Europe are preparing to hit the campaign trail ahead of the European elections.

Dan secures priority for cyclist safety measures

Strasbourg, 16th April - Two important changes to new vehicle safety regulations, secured by West Midlands MEP Dan Dalton, will help cut cyclist deaths and safeguard Britain's niche car manufacturers.

Brexit Briefing 79: Groundhog Days

Every week for the past two months we have been waiting and expecting the decisive breakthrough. The expectation has been, week after week, that finally the hard choices would be taken and that the ultimate path of Brexit would become clear.

Tory MEP slams Spain over Gibraltar stance

A European Parliament vote today (April 4) calling for a "solution" to the sovereignty of Gibraltar undermines the EU's position as a defender of democracy, self-determination and human rights.