West Midlands a Winner in 5G Race

West Midlands MEP Daniel Dalton, who sits on the European Parliament's lead digital committee, has welcomed the news that the region has won the race to trial 5G mobile technology in the UK. 

The heart of the first industrial revolution was selected to pioneer the next in a competition against cities from across the country, with £150 million being invested into the project which will see mobile coverage as fast as fibre optic cable broadband rolled out in Birmingham, Coventry and the Black Country. 

After the announcement Mr Dalton said: 

"This is a great win for the West Midlands, and means the region will be the first part of the UK to benefit from revolutionary 5G technology."

"The region that pioneered the industrial revolution will now be at the forefront of driving the new digital revolution, which will hugely help both our tech sector and our export focused manufacturers."

"5G can open up new opportunities across industry and the public sector, assisting remote working, enabling driverless cars, and opening up enormous efficiency possibilities in the health sector through digital appointments and streaming of health data directly from homes to hospitals".