UK digital strategy good news for West Midlands tech hubs post-Brexit

West Midlands MEP Daniel Dalton has welcomed the launch of the UK government's digital strategy, which sets out plans for infrastructure spending, investment in digital skills and research and development and creating a pro-innovation regulatory environment. The Strategy is designed to make the UK, already the biggest tech economy in Europe, an even more attractive destination for digital companies after Brexit.  

At a hearing in the European Parliament last week, Mr Dalton, who leads on digital policy for Conservative MEPs, heard from tech industry across the EU fearful about the future of digital regulation in the EU after Brexit.

Mr Dalton commented:

"The West Midlands is already has some of the UK's most successful tech hubs, in Birmingham and with the gaming industry in Warwickshire, this strategy will help our tech industry grow further, with infrastructure investment designed to help everywhere follow where Superfast Worcestershire has led." 

"Leaving the EU will pose challenges but it also presents the UK with an opportunity to attract even more tech companies from the rest of the EU to our pro-digital and pro-business regulatory environment."