Improving road safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians

Daniel Dalton voted today to introduce new requirements for cars and trucks to improve safety on our roads.

Under the proposals, vehicles would be required to have systems to assist the driver to keep within speed limits, stay within road lanes and boundaries and brake in cases of emergency.

Daniel, who has led on the proposals for Conservative MEPs, has also secured support for measures to improve external visibility in truck cabs, in order to help prevent collisions with cyclists and pedestrians. This is a particular problem in towns and cities in the UK and the Dan's proposals will bring vision improvements onto the market sooner, helping to save lives.

Collisions between cyclists and trucks represent a significant proportion of the fatalities on our roads. Given that together they only make up a small proportion of road users that it has become an increasingly worrying trend and policy makers have now decided to act.  

After the vote, Daniel commented:

"There are clear safety issues with truck design which cause very significant blind spots."  

"Under the  proposals glass doors, bigger windows and a lower driver position will be mandated for all trucks above a certain size."

These specifications are already in use in some vehicles and have been proved to increase visibility for drivers and therefore pose less of a risk to cyclists and pedestrians.

Daniel concluded: "It's clear cut – the sooner these design changes become mandatory, the fewer people will die needlessly on our roads."

The committee's proposals will now be finalised in three way talks between the European Parliament, Council of Ministers and the European Commission.