Daniel welcomes new EU-US Data sharing agreement

Daniel today welcomes the new EU-US Privacy Shield agreement which provides more protections for businesses and individuals in the West Midlands over data exchanged between the EU and US.

The existing “Safe Harbour” deal was nulled void after a ruling by the European Court of Justice in October. A temporary deal was put in place – with this running out at the end of January, a new agreement was crucial to continue to make data transfers from the EU to the US legal.

Daniel “The potential break up of legal EU-US data transfers could have taken 0.4% of GDP off the EU economy and would have been highly damaging for US businesses such as Apple and Facebook and the millions of customers in the West Midlands who use these products.”

The ruling will see the creation of a EU-US Data Ombudsman who will be able to report any data protection issues directly to US authorities, whilst annual reviews between the EU and US will ensure national security issues are well addressed.  

Daniel continued “Citizens will now have more rights in flagging data protection issues. The Digital economy is something which I very much support and this deal is great news for businesses and individuals in the West Midlands who make online transactions with US based companies. National security is of course vital and that is why I am pleased this has also been well addressed in the new agreement".