Daniel joins football match to break down community barriers

Daniel recently took part in a “football for unity” match between youngsters from UK based, The Unity of Faith Foundation(TUFF) and Project Foot from Molenbeek, a sub-district in Brussels, which was the home of several of the terrorists who had been radicalised while living there and who then carried out the recent Brussels and Paris attacks.

The event was organised by Conservative MEP Syed Kamall, alongside TUFF, which uses the power of sport to provide social opportunity, break down community barriers, create bonds and put humanity above mistrust and took place just yards from the scene of the Maelbeek metro bombings in March. 

" Sport is a key tool to develop social cohesion, instil self-confidence and responsibility into young people, as well as breaking down barriers between communities.  Both TUFF and Project Foot are using sports projects to help vulnerable youngsters and it was great to be able to play a part in the game that brought them together in unity in Brussels." said Mr Dalton, who is a former cricketer and cricket coach himself.

"We had 30 children aged between 10 and 16 who had little in common except playing football and making friends, and they demonstrated that through the common language of sport, we are all the same on the sports field.

 “I passionately believe that through sport we can develop a stronger sense of togetherness and community cohesion, in doing so, effectively tackling some of our key social challenges. I hope we can build on this and encourage similar schemes around the West Midlands”