Daniel hails agreement that helps protect historic Shropshire tourist attraction


Brussels, 24th September - MEP for the West Midlands Daniel Dalton is celebrating victory in negotiations with the European Council in Brussels on exemptions for historic cableways, which include Bridgnorth Cliff Railway, from a new European Directive standardising cableway mechanisms and product requirements. Earlier this year Daniel was able to persuade fellow MEPs to back Conservative arguments to exclude historic cableways from the scope of the new legislation, on the grounds that it would be virtually impossible for them to comply with new standardised requirements for replacement parts. 

Now that European governments have also agreed to the exemption it means that historic tourist attractions like Bridgnorth Cliff Railway will still be able to use their existing cableway. 

After the agreement was reached Mr Dalton commented: 

"This is an important win for common sense, ensuring that major tourist attractions such as Bridgnorth Cliff Railway can continue to thrive in the 21st century, more than 120 years after it first took visitors on the scenic trip 111 feet up the cliffs between High and Low Town."

"Equally, this agreement sets a good precedent, it recognises that historic cableways already comply with national health and safety laws and accepts there was no need to force them comply with a new one-size fits all regulation." 

"Conservative arguments against the EU's instinctive desire for one-size fits all solutions can and do win through. With this agreement we have both ensured public safety and protected historic tourist attractions for the future."