Daniel backs Staffordshire family's 'Changing Places' Campaign

Lichfield, 26th June - Daniel Dalton MEP met with the Clough family from Lichfield today to look at the city's new changing place facility in the Friary Car Park and discuss progress on the Changing Places Campaign. Changing Places are toilets with adequate facilities for severely disabled people (hoists, benches and enough space for two carers), which regular disabled toilets do not usually have.

Margaret and her son Tony Clough have been leading advocates for the Changing Places Campaign for many years as they seek to obtain more dignity and choice for people in the same situation as their daughter and sister Julie, who has cerebral palsy.  

Daniel pledged to carry on the work of his predecessor, Philip Bradbourn, in securing into EU passenger rights legislation a call for all airports with an annual passenger throughput over one million passengers to have a 'Changing Places' provision. This would help enable severely disabled persons to travel by air with at least some of the same dignity and comfort experienced by most other passengers.

At the latest count there were 46 Changing Places in the West Midlands, including at Birmingham Airport and the NEC.

Speaking after the meeting, Daniel commented:

"Changing Places is a fantastic campaign which is changing lives for the better across the West Midlands."

"It would be great to see more European airports follow Birmingham's example so that severely disabled people and their families can travel with peace of mind across the EU."

To find out more about changing places visit: http://www.changing-places.org/