Daniel backs bid to end 'illegal' Eiffel Tower pictures

West Midlands MEP Dan Dalton gave his backing today to proposals to end laws that criminalise tourists posting pictures of public buildings in Europe, including the Eiffel Tower if snapped at night.

The obscure copyright laws mean that any tourist posting pictures of certain public buildings, including the Eiffel Tower at night, on their social media accounts, without prior consent of the designer of the landmark's lights is at risk of prosecution. Posting pictures of the famous landmark taken during the day is perfectly legal as the Designer Gustav Eiffel died more than 75 years ago and the copyright has expired.

If adopted into law the proposals discussed at the Internal Market Committee of the European Parliament would mean the situation in the rest of Europe was the same as in the UK, where photos of public buildings of any age are perfectly fine to post online.

Mr Dalton commented:

"I welcome proposals to allow freedom of panorama across the EU, which are good news for tourists everywhere."

"At the moment people innocently sharing holiday snaps with family and friends online are unwittingly at risk of being prosecuted. That is quite clearly ludicrous and I hope the rest of the EU will follow the UK's pragmatic approach to copyright of public buildings."