Dan wins reprieve for trail bikes and mobility scooters

West Midlands MEP Daniel Dalton today secured endorsement from the European Parliament for plans to ensure trail bikes and mobility scooters can continue in production whilst new environmental standards are developed. Under existing EU emissions laws, which would most likely have come into force in the UK during the post-Brexit transition period, many trail bikes and mobility scooters would have been forced to switch to electric before the technology was ready in terms of battery sizes and weights. This would have meant that many of these vehicles that are critical for rural mobility for the elderly, and for trail sports would have had to cease production. Under the revised requirements industry will have the necessary longer lead-in time to develop electric technology that can meet higher environmental standards that their current small diesel engines simply cannot comply with. 

Upon the report's adoption, Mr Dalton commented:

"This report is a relief to the many small companies in the West Midlands involved in the production of trail bikes, mobility scooters, quadricycles and other niche vehicles that work on small production volumes and need more time to develop electric technology that simply isn't there yet."

"It's also a victory for common sense, as current laws risked damaging trail sports and leaving elderly people with no means of transport."