Dan signs for Kits4Causes

Dan has today become an official Patron for the West Midlands based charity Kits4Causes. The charity which collects old sports kits and sends them to the developing world, was founded in a small bedroom in Worcestershire five years ago has since gone onto become one of the largest development through sports based charities in the UK, sending over 35,000 kits to over 30 countries across the world. The charity works by collecting old and unwanted sports kits and then giving them a new home in the developing world by linking the kits to positive social development outcomes such as HIV/AIDS testing and educational attainment. It is run solely by volunteers, with the Kits4Causes Director, Chris Grindley, based in the West Midlands.


Mr Dalton commented:

"I am delighted to support this rapidly growing local charity which has done great things using the power of sport to help some of the poorest communities on the planet across several continents. Social entrepreneurship is something I very much value and I am delighted to champion Kits4Causes as the MEP for the West Midlands and someone who is committed to using the power of sport to benefit the lives of others both in the UK and beyond."


Kits 4 Causes Director Chris Grindley said:


"We're very grateful for the support of Mr Dalton. Sport has a powerful part to play in instigating social change, so to have someone with the knowledge and enthusiasm Mr Dalton has, as a leading patron is a great boost for the charity and highlights that our goals and aims are worth attaining."