Dan: New EU-Mexico Trade Agreement is good news for the UK

Dan has welcomed the announcement of an updated EU-Mexico free trade agreement as setting a good precedent for a future UK-Mexico trade deal, as well as being a boost for UK exporters in the short term.

The updated EU-Mexico free trade agreement will give greater access for British companies and farmers to the Mexican market of 125 million people. It opens up trade in services, which was a key ask of the UK government, including financial services, transport, e-commerce, and telecommunications. Furthermore, it gives greater access and protection for European luxury agricultural products to be sold to Mexico's expanding middle class.

Mr Dalton commented:

"This deal is great news for the UK services industry, a global powerhouse that is growing particularly fast in the West Midlands. It's also good news for premium agricultural producers from our region, which will have much more access to a rapidly growing market"

"It's a positive short term boost for our exporters and in the longer term sets a good basis to build on for a future UK-Mexico free trade deal."