Dan: New consumer rights need to be effective and practical

West Midlands MEP and Consumer Spokesman Daniel Dalton welcomed new proposals on consumer rights released today. 

Mr Dalton, who will pilot the “New Deal for Consumers” proposals through the European Parliament, said:

"It is good to see proposals to address problems for consumers exposed by issues such as the vehicle emissions scandal and the lack of transparency in some online sales finally coming forward.”

"Our task now is to ensure the final legislation is effective, practical and proportionate. That will take time and we must not allow the European Commission's desire to complete the process before the elections in May 2019 override the need to get this right."

The proposals, unveiled today, aim to strengthen consumer rights online, introduce class actions led by consumer organisations, tackle the practice of branded food products containing different ingredients in different markets, and remove unnecessary burdens on businesses.

They are likely to enter into UK law before the end of the implementation period in December 2020.