Dan launches plan for safer roads

Brussels, 22nd June - Using the digital revolution, closing loopholes in existing rules, rapid recall of faulty vehicles and ensuring new requirements don't make cars unaffordable are at the heart of a new Road Safety plan launched by West Midlands MEP and Consumer Spokesman Dan Dalton in the European Parliament today. 

His report for the Consumer Protection Committee entitled 'Saving Lives: boosting car safety in the EU' prioritises tackling existing weaknesses in the existing EU safety system through greater coordination of testing and approval authorities and much better after-sale surveillance of cars on EU roads, along with rapid recall of dangerous vehicles.

That three pronged approach to ensuring current safety requirements are respected should be the starting point before new rules are considered. Mr Dalton's report further calls for new safety rules to be fully costed for their impact on the price consumers pay for cars, and proportionate in their impact on small and specialist manufacturers, such as those in the West Midlands.

Finally, the Report welcomes and calls for more work on the new market-led technological developments in auto-braking, lane keeping assistance and blind spot cameras. 

On the launch of the Report Mr Dalton commented:

"The first priority has to be ensuring existing safety rules are actually followed and that unsafe vehicles on our roads are found and taken off the streets."

"Then we need to make sure new rules are proportionate, the end goal should be safer cars that are still affordable for consumers." 

"Finally we should be using the opportunities the digital revolution is creating for safer and cleaner cars, I truly believe technology holds the key to safer roads in future."