Dan intervenes to defeat threat to West Midlands gin industry

An EU attempt to allow a waste product from beer making to be used in gin, whisky and other spirits has been defeated following the intervention of West Midlands MEP Dan Dalton and other colleagues.

UK gin and whisky producers feared their reputation for quality would have been damaged by a rule change enabling alcohol from de-alcoholised beers to be included in spirits. Currently manufacturers must use agricultural raw materials only.

Dan and colleagues demanded a specific vote on the proposal, prompting the European Parliament to throw it out.

After the vote, Dan commented:

"This attempt to dump low quality alcohol on the market could have been immensely damaging for the West Midlands’ world-renowned gin producers including the Chase and Cotswolds Distilleries."

"While I had no doubt our local distillers would have maintained their high quality standards, producers elsewhere would have made use of cheap waste alcohol and undermined the brand of the UK gin sector, a thriving premium quality export sector for the UK."