Dan hails victory in Brussels for Shropshire Historic Cableway


Daniel Dalton has welcomed a victory in European Parliament negotiations for Conservative MEPs battling to protect the future viability of historic cableways, including Bridgnorth's Cliff Railway. The Internal Market Committee, where Mr Dalton is the 'Coordinator', or lead negotiator, for Conservative MEPs, voted to exclude historic cableways from the scope of a new Directive standardising cableway mechanisms and product requirements.

Since historic cableways are custom-made it would have been virtually impossible for them to have met the new standardised requirements for replacement parts and many would have likely been forced to close.

Bridgnorth Cliff Railway opened in 1892, and still draws visitors to take the scenic journey up the 111 feet of limestone cliffs between the High and Low Town.

After the conclusion of the successful negotiations, Mr Dalton commented:

"This is a great victory for common sense, ensuring the survival of historic cableways such as Bridgnorth Cliff Railway, which are major tourist attractions and have brought joy to generations of visitors."

"These cableways already abide by national health and safety legislation, so there was no need to force them to comply with an EU one-size fits all standardised regulation."