Dan: CETA deal a landmark for free trade

Daniel has welcomed a vote which moves the landmark EU-Canada trade deal a step closer to implementation.

Daniel said today's approval by the European Parliament's International Trade Committee would help set the tone in future free trade negotiations and restore the EU's reputation as a reliable trading partner after the deal, known as CETA, was held up by socialist politicians in the Belgian region of Wallonia.

"This is one of the most ambitious agreements ever negotiated and clearly highlights the benefits of free trade to all countries," he said.

"CETA will eliminate 99 per cent of tariffs between the EU and Canada, save EU exporters €500 million a year and increase trade by 20 per cent.  Britain alone will benefit by £1.3 billion a year, and this agreement sets a good basis for a future UK-Canada deal."

The deal now goes to the full Parliament in February and once the agreement is fully implemented, around 92 per cent of EU agriculture and food products will be exported to Canada tariff-free.