The EU’s Food and Veterinary Team are to meet to discuss puppy importation rules after a campaign led by West Midlands MEP Daniel Dalton.

Mr Dalton has been campaigning with the Warwickshire-based Dogs Trust against the abuse of the domestic pets passport system that sees thousands of puppies being brought into the UK every year, many from Eastern Europe.

Mr Dalton said, “The pets passport scheme was designed for people to take their pets on holiday or to move abroad and was never intended for commercial operators to bring hundred of puppies in.”

"What makes matters worse we have vets in countries like Romania and Lithuania that are falsifying pet passports and unsuspecting families in the UK are buying puppies that are diseased or have behavioural problems. It means the new owners either have huge vet bills or have to ask a rehoming charity like the Dogs Trust to intervene.”

The EU Commission and the EU Food and Veterinary Office has now admitted there are problems with the system and is to meet before Christmas to review the current rules. 

“This is a major step forward in protecting puppies and consumers alike and I will keep up the pressure on the Commission to act on this matter. As a parliament we have put safeguards in place and these are being ignored in large parts of the EU. We need to ensure the rules are enforced everywhere.”

In the meantime if you are looking to buy a puppy the Dogs Trust advises you know as much about the breeder as possible and see the animal with its mother.


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