Dalton: It's time for real reform to end FIFA corruption

Strasbourg, 11th June - Speaking in the European Parliament, Dan Dalton has welcomed the decision by Sepp Blatter to resign, but emphasised that this should only be the start of a full deep-clean of FIFA.

If it becomes clear that the 2018 and 2022 tournaments were awarded due to corrupt practices, then there should be no hesitation in re-awarding them.

Mr Dalton, a former professional sportsman, commented:

"The rotting core of the once beautiful game has finally exploded. The ensuing fallout is a painful but necessary cleansing process."

"If we are to clean-up FIFA once and for all, we need to dig down and remove all the dirt, and find out whether corruption influenced the Russian and Qatari World Cup bids."

Whilst I welcome Blatter's resignation, he should go immediately for the sake of FIFA's credibility, to allow an open and unhindered process of reform".