Clearer energy labels on the way

Clearer and simpler energy labels on consumer goods will become reality after agreement in Brussels to replace the current confusing A, A+, A++ and A+++ ratings and revert back to the original A-G scale. Under the existing rules a washing machine, for example, can be rated as A class but be in the fourth best category, with A+++ being the most efficient.

West Midlands MEP and Consumer Spokesman Daniel Dalton MEP welcomed the news, commenting: "The current labelling system has become too confusing for consumers. The new labels will be much clearer and help consumers to make more informed choices on the energy using products they buy for their homes."

"Getting these new standards agreed before Brexit is good news for UK consumers as given the level of cross-border trade in consumer goods we are likely to retain the same labelling systems as the EU for cost and efficiency reasons".