The new EU-Japan free trade deal and what it means for us

Just before the start of the G20 the EU and Japan have today announced they have reached political agreement on the key principles for a new free trade partnership, meaning it is hoped final agreement will be reached before the end of 2017.

2017 Travel Factsheet

Holidays should be relaxing and something to look back on with a great deal of pleasure, but sometimes practical problems can spoil the fun.

Update on CAP Reform Vote

Why we voted to reject proposals for CAP Reform that would make it harder for farmers to grow food.

Copyright Reform and Link Tax Update

A quick update from Strasbourg on last week's copyright reform vote, where there was good news for platform users but bad news on the link tax.

Let's end this unfair tax on e-books

West Midlands MEP Dan Dalton is backing moves to cut VAT on e-books. Dan is supporting a vote in the European Parliament this week calling for the discrepancy to be ended which obliges governments to slap hefty VAT charges on e-books and other digital publishing while the tax is waived for printe

Final chapter of emissions scandal clean-up begins

It has been nearly two years since the Volkswagen emissions scandal was discovered in the US, however this week, national governments agreed on their version of new rules on car emissions rules at a meeting of the European Council, kicking off the final phase in the negotiations for a new framewo

On pesticides we must let science lead the way

There is a big battle brewing in fields up and down Europe. It is the culmination of a battle that has been going on for many years and is set to reach its climax this summer.

At its heart is a debate between pesticides and their potential effects on bees. 

Tough new penalties for UK drivers in the EU

If you’re planning a family driving holiday through Europe this summer, be warned: new EU regulations coming into force this week could land you with a hefty penalty if you break motoring regulations.