The Sun is Rising on a New Era in UK-Japan Relations

The UK-Japan relationship, never indifferent, not always easy, goes back a long way, with deep economic and cultural ties binding our two countries together since the signature of the Anglo-Japanese friendship treaty in 1854 as Japan’s 200 year Sakoku period came to end.

Cricket and Kolpaks, the Brexit link

On the surface Brexit shouldn't have too much direct influence on sport, as sport is governed by international organisations such as FIFA and UEFA, but scratch beneath the surface and Brexit could have a serious impact on many of our domestic teams and leagues.

Brexit Briefing No.2

The European Commission remains on its summer break this week so there are no formal Brexit negotiations, however the British government continues to further outline its views, publishing another position paper this week which has provided more evidence on the likely shape of the final UK-EU rela

Brexit Briefing No.1

As an MEP I regularly get asked about how the brexit process is going and what is happening in the negotiations.

Will flights still takeoff after Brexit?

In recent weeks there has been a lot of discussion about what will be the impact on flights in and out of the UK if there is no deal between the UK & EU after March 2019.

How do we win back young people?

One of the major stories of the recent general election was the re-engagement of large numbers of young people in politics, with turnout sharply up for under 30s.