Could the UK join a Pacific trading block?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a new kind of trade deal between 11 countries all bordering the Pacific Ocean, a trade block which is actually more about trade than political integration.

Dan: New database will close a crime fighting loophole

New measures piloted by West Midlands MEP Dan Dalton will improve the sharing of criminal records information between national authorities, whilst striking the right balance between security and individual rights.

Brexit Briefing No.22 - The EU after Brexit

There were no formal Brexit negotiations this week but the European Parliament was meeting in Strasbourg and both Commission President Jean Claude Junker and Council President Donald Tusk addressed MEPs.

Brexit Briefing No.21

Brussels burst back into life this week as the city’s European institutions starting filling up after the Christmas break.

There were no Brexit negotiations this week but on both sides of the channel there were plenty of preparations for the talks that lie ahead.

Brexit Briefing No.20

Brexit transition and trade relationship negotiations, continued uncertainty in Germany, French domestic strife and a Catalan crisis that only seems to deepen. 2018 promises to be an interesting year in the EU and a critical one for Brexit.

Brexit Briefing No.19 - A Christmas truce?

Brussels has all but broken up for Christmas, however, given the conclusion of the first phase of negotiations and the agreement to start discussing the second phase, there is plenty to ponder as we enter the Christmas break, even as the attacks from Brussels on Poland threaten to poison the fest

Brexit Briefing No.18

Finally the magic words "Sufficient Progress" were uttered by European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker before dawn in Brussels on Friday morning, after the Prime Minister's middle of the night flight to Belgium following an evening of phone calls between London, Brussels, Dublin and Belf

Why staying in the customs union is a bad idea

The customs union has become a very hot topic over the last 18 months. Many people have suggested that the UK, or parts of it, can remain in the customs union even after the UK leaves.

“Sufficient Progress” - What The Deal Means

“Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”

This caveat is in the opening remarks. This deal is conditional on the outcome of phase two talks. If they collapse, so most likely does much of this text.

What it covers