Brexit Briefing No.11

With the fallout from a private dinner and the Prime Minister's update to the House of Commons, this week Brexit was dominated by the after effects of last week's European Council summit.

Brexit Briefing No.10

Acceleration is the mot du jour this week after the Prime Minister made a trip to Brussels on Monday with David Davis for dinner with Jean Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier.

Brexit Briefing No.9

This week saw Theresa May clash with Jeremy Corbyn on the Brexit negotiations amidst increased speculation that there could be no deal at all with the EU as the latest round of Brexit talks between Michel Barnier and David Davis and their teams ended in “disturbing deadlock”.

WTO schedules - what do they really mean

Last week news emerged that the joint UK/EU attempt to solve the issue of World Trade Organisation (WTO) ‘schedules’ relating to tariff rate quotas had been rejected by other WTO members.

Brexit Briefing No.8

The fragile Spanish state imploded this week, Conservative Party conference saw greater unity on the government's Brexit approach and whilst the Prime Minister struggled with her vocal chords, the European Parliament resorted to shouting loudly in an attempt to make its voice heard on the Europea

Brexit Briefing No.7

A German election result no one predicted, a French President setting out a Napoleonic grand vision for European reform and another formal round of Brexit negotiations between David Davis and Michel Barnier. This was a week which may shape the future direction of the EU and Brexit.

Brexit Briefing No.6

Although there were no official negotiations this week, it has arguably been the most significant week in the Article 50 process since the two sides first met in June.