Brexit Briefing No.35 - The False Customs Union Debate

More discussion of the customs union, even as both sides move towards the future trade relationship talks, and Brussels agrees new trade deals with Japan and Mexico, it was another busy week in Europe and for the Brexit negotiations. 

Brexit Briefing No.34 – A border showdown

This week sees the first Brexit talks between the two sides since March’s European Council Summit, but neither David Davis nor Michel Barnier are expected at these negotiations.

Brexit Briefing No.33 - The Car Industry

Easter has seen a lull in the Brexit negotiations. The principals were all taking an Easter break and behind the scenes officials started internal preparations ahead of the future relationship talks.

Brexit Briefing No.30 – Too much talk?

This week has seen a lull in high-level Brexit talks between the UK and the EU, although technical negotiations took place on the withdrawal agreement behind the scenes.