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Brexit Briefing 55: Rumours swirl around Brexit deal

It has been a rollercoaster few months laden with speculation on which way the Brexit winds were blowing. Earlier this week was no different. On Monday and Tuesday, diplomats were briefing that a deal was tantalisingly close to being agreed.

Plans for Stronger Consumer Rights Launched

Preserving the consumer's right to return goods and an App providing a single source of advice and dispute resolution were at the centre of new EU consumer protection rules unveiled today by West Midlands MEP Daniel Dalton. 

2018 Travel Factsheet

Holidays should be relaxing and something to look back on with a great deal of pleasure, but sometimes practical problems can ruin the enjoyment.

My Views on the Copyright Directive

I will vote to open up the mandate for the Copyright Report that was proposed by the Legal Affairs (JURI) Committee for a full parliamentary debate and amendments. 

Dan takes to the stage to save theatre lighting

Local MEP and playwright Dan Dalton has welcomed the European Parliament's backing for Conservative MEPs amendment to continue exempting theatre lighting from expensive new energy efficiency requirements.

Dan: New consumer rights need to be effective and practical

West Midlands MEP and Consumer Spokesman Daniel Dalton welcomed new proposals on consumer rights released today. 

Mr Dalton, who will pilot the “New Deal for Consumers” proposals through the European Parliament, said:

Protectionist vote will hit business

Measures which would have made it easier for companies to work across the European Union have been rejected today in a move branded protectionist by West Midlands MEP Dan Dalton.