European News

Brexit Briefing 66: What happens now?

The first week of the New Year is always a quiet affair in Brussels, with Eurocrats and diplomats slowly returning to the city after the Christmas break.

Dan wins reprieve for trail bikes and mobility scooters

West Midlands MEP Daniel Dalton today secured endorsement from the European Parliament for plans to ensure trail bikes and mobility scooters can continue in production whilst new environmental standards are developed.

EU single market in services remains "a mirage"

A European Commission report released Thursday (22nd November) on the Single Market exposes the reluctance of some countries and political groups to support the EU's flagship project.

Brexit Briefing 60: Deal or no deal? (or no Brexit?)

There is a tentative deal. After nearly two years of negotiations, the white smoke finally emerged in Brussels not by way of a big announcement, but by an exclusive from the Irish broadcaster RTE.