EU single market in services remains "a mirage"

A European Commission report released Thursday (22nd November) on the Single Market exposes the reluctance of some countries and political groups to support the EU's flagship project.

Brexit Briefing 60: Deal or no deal? (or no Brexit?)

There is a tentative deal. After nearly two years of negotiations, the white smoke finally emerged in Brussels not by way of a big announcement, but by an exclusive from the Irish broadcaster RTE.

All eyes on Geneva for the next Brexit trade wrangle

There are just six months to go until the UK leaves the European Union, and while negotiators are in Brussels are trying to hammer out the finer details of the Brexit settlement, other developments are also unfolding that will have huge implications for the UK’s post-Brexit trade policy.

Brexit Briefing 55: Rumours swirl around Brexit deal

It has been a rollercoaster few months laden with speculation on which way the Brexit winds were blowing. Earlier this week was no different. On Monday and Tuesday, diplomats were briefing that a deal was tantalisingly close to being agreed.