How do we win back young people?

One of the major stories of the recent general election was the re-engagement of large numbers of young people in politics, with turnout sharply up for under 30s.

The new EU-Japan free trade deal and what it means for us

Just before the start of the G20 the EU and Japan have today announced they have reached political agreement on the key principles for a new free trade partnership, meaning it is hoped final agreement will be reached before the end of 2017.

Daniel backs new labelling rules

West Midlands MEP Daniel Dalton is backing new labelling rules to help customers choose low-energy “white goods” such as cookers and fridges.

The new rules making energy–labelling much more simple and clear were voted through by the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Dan launches plan for safer roads

Brussels, 22nd June - Using the digital revolution, closing loopholes in existing rules, rapid recall of faulty vehicles and ensuring new requirements don't make cars unaffordable are at the heart of a new Road Safety plan launched by West Midlands MEP and Consumer Spokesman Dan Dalton in the Eur

2017 Travel Factsheet

Holidays should be relaxing and something to look back on with a great deal of pleasure, but sometimes practical problems can spoil the fun.