“Sufficient Progress” - What The Deal Means

“Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”

This caveat is in the opening remarks. This deal is conditional on the outcome of phase two talks. If they collapse, so most likely does much of this text.

What it covers

Brexit Briefing No.17

It has been a tumultuous few days in the world of Brexit. On Monday morning it seemed as if a deal on sufficient progress in the divorce proceedings was very likely, meaning that the UK and EU could move onto discussing the key issues of the future transition and trade deal.

Brexit Briefing No.16

A rumoured divorce bill deal and crisis averted in Dublin even as Ireland appears a major stumbling block to a Brexit agreement; it has been another fascinating week as negotiations move head first towards the crucial December 15th Council meeting where the EU governments will decide whether enou

Animal Welfare and Brexit

MEPs tend to get more enquiries about animal welfare than any other issue, with thousands of people writing to me on this issue since I arrived in the European Parliament.