Call for antiques trade input to new customs rules

Call for antiques trade input to new customs rules

West Midlands MEP Daniel Dalton is calling for input from the antiques trade on the impact of proposed new rules on the import of cultural goods to the UK and EU.

Mr Dalton has been appointed to author the European Parliament’s response to new legislation on the import of cultural goods issued by the European Commission last year.

The legislation is likely to enter into EU law before the UK leaves and so will become UK law, and after Brexit it will still affect any UK antique dealers trying to import goods into the EU.

As currently proposed the new rules would mean that items over 250 years old would be subject to checks and potential hold-ups at customs.

Some categories of goods would require a licence process taking up to 90 days and requiring supporting documentation on the item’s history.

All cultural goods over 250 years old would require the importer to submit a legally binding statement explaining the item’s history.

Mr Dalton commented:

“The Commission has justified these proposals as part of the fight against terrorist financing, in the context of Iraq and Syria in particular. We do need sensible and targeted rules to tackle the illicit trade of wrongfully imported historic items.”

“However a lot of antiques dealers do not realise they will potentially be impacted by these new customs rules.”

“So I am keen to hear from the UK art and antiques market, which is the largest in Europe, about the impact of these proposals on them.”


Mr Dalton can be contacted by email at: or by letter at: Office S4, Berkeley House, 6-8 The Square, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 1EB.

The link to the Commission's proposed regulation is here: