Backing for Daniel's plan to prevent another car emissions scandal

New measures designed to ensure vehicles continue to meet emissions and safety standards once out of the showroom have been supported by the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Affairs Committee today.

A direct response to the VW emissions scandal, the revised market surveillance rules have been piloted by West Midlands Conservative MEP Daniel Dalton.

They demand that each year Member States test 20 per cent of the car models on the market in their country. These will be of various ages and so ensure that vehicles still meet minimum standards when in use.

After the vote Daniel said: "When buying a car we expect it to perform to the manufacturer's specifications. This legislation reassures consumers that will be the case.”

"One of the reasons the car emissions scandal went undetected for so long is that the current arrangements for market surveillance are at best patchy and at worst ineffective. Whilst we can never guarantee another VW will not happen again, my report, combined with the real driving emissions tests for new cars approved by the European Parliament last year, make it very unlikely that any manufacturer would take such a risk in future.”

“Given the extent of cross-border trade in the car market it is important we get these rules right for UK consumers, regardless of the exact nature of the UK’s future relationship with the EU.”